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Button Cheats 1. Go to the options menu, either in game, or on the main menu. 2. Hold L1+R1 and press the following:

Cheat Effect Triangle, X, Triangle, X Car is invincible Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square Blow up cars on impact Square, Square, Square, Square No top speed Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle High acceleration Square, Square, Square, Triangle Press L3 to make car jump Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square Speedometer triangle, circle, triangle, circle Drunk Driving X, Square, Square, Triangle Alternate Audio during Credits O, O, O, X Alternate Views O,X,O,Triangle Grid Mode Circle, circle, triangle and square Unlock the red brick car

Also when you complete the game once, load up your complete file, enter the options and hold L1+R1 and enter X, O, X, O. You will hear a sound confirming this code. Select new game and you will start with the list of cars with that level. Note: You will have to do this every time you load up the game until you purchase the vehicle. And will only get unlocked cars for each respective level thereafter.

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