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I have an idea for a GREAT Simpsons game. You can work with Nintendo and make a game that you play the episodes. And for expample some good levels might be... Team Homer, TreeHouse of Horror VI (At least the NightMare on Evergreen Terrace part),Hungry Hungry Homer,and Simpsons Safari.And of course you have to do a lot.And for the episodes you could put a thing for the character selection with a yellow backround and choose what character you want on that part and when there is parts with other character it'll just show a clip of it. And for some places you and Nintendo maybe (I don't really know if its possible)you can make a thing that puts your voice in the game. Like for Team Homer you can get points for doing the cheers by saying them in real life. If you read this edit it under this and put your text in YELLOW. P.S. I couldn't do anything about the question mark.

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