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oh. this for the simpsons game:

With Mr. Sparkles free, continue through the red-colored fence into the lava portion of the level. Jump across a few platforms and use the mushrooms to bounce up a level until you come across a meditation point.Use Buddha's hand to pick up the three platforms along the left canyon wall and drop them onto the central pillars to create a walkway you can use to cross the lava.Once across, have Homer ball-boost into the two pillars on the left, knocking them down. Afterward, climb up the nearby ledges as Lisa to a Meditation Point. Use Buddha's hand to pick up the columns that just fell and place them in the two circular holes. Now jump across those platforms up to a high ledge.See the golden well in the distance? That's where you want to go. Jump across the platforms until a tall column (just before the statues bobbing up and down). Use Homer's ball-stomp attack here to lower the column into the lava, allowing you to pass by.Continue across a few more platforms to another column that you need to knock down with homer's ball-stomp again.Knock down three more coming up, then look for a white pillar across the lava. Enter Homer's gummy form and launch a gumball over at it to knock it down, creating a bridge you can cross via.Use Lisa to climb the rocks on the left up to another mediation point. Freeze three enemies with Buddha's hand, then drop them into the three slots in the lava. Use them as platforms to jump across, then follow Jimbo down the hole in the shrine.

so basically i just copied this from ign

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